Tino's Mining Corporation is the first game in the entire Tino series to be released


Tino is ordered by Princess Fiona and King Kolka to open a mining industry. Tino open it and ruins the Driller Council in order to work the drillers. Tino negosiates with Taizo, Taizo accepts Tino's request and tells the drillers to work at the mines and quarries while Tino sit back and manage the processing factory with White Mage, Kieren, Souffle and Tino's mother, Garnet


The objective is collecting a number of minerals by defeating enemies and grabbing minerals at a Boulder Dash-Dig Dug crossover game. At the end of a certain mining area, an enemy boss resides. Defeat the boss then retrieve the MegaMineral. The mineral can be processed at Souffle's Processing Area by pasting the mineral ingots into the right shape to create an item. After the creation of the item, the item will be exported to a certain region and the player gains some gils. The gils can be used to purchase upgrades to the processing area or the drillers and unlocking a certain mining area

Mining areas:

Rebena Quarry (Rebena Louhos) (Region: Alfitaria Capital)

  • Mineral: Adamantite
  • Enemies: Pookas and Fygars
  • Fossils: Ankylosaurus, Velociraptor, Pteranodon and Albertosaurus
  • Boss: Drapion

The Flaming Cliffs/Bayanzag (Liekehtivät Kalliot) (Region: Tyrannia)

  • Mineral: Tyrannotium
  • Enemies: Red Fygars, Slugmas, Bombs and Vulcan Mus
  • Fossils: Tyrannosaurus bataar, Nemegtosaurus, Chasmosaurus and Stygimoloch
  • Boss: Heatran

Dinosaur Mines (hirmulisko kaivokset) (Region: Tyrannia)

  • Mineral: Red Adamantite
  • Enemies: Red Fygars, Pookas, Bombs and Lizardmans
  • Fossils: Tyrannotitan, Carcharodontosaurus, Allosaurus and Inostrancevia
  • Boss: Tyranitar

Wetland Caves (Kosteikkojen luolat) (Region: The Federation of Windurst)

  • Mineral: Opal
  • Enemies: Fygars, Bourere frogs, Piranha plants, Piranhas and Sahagins
  • Fossils: Spinosaurus maroccanus and aegyptiacus, Sarcosuchus and Greererpeton
  • Boss: Adamantitan