Bomberman Is A 10 Minute TV show!

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List Of Bomberman/Others CharactersEdit

Characters Voice Actor

First Apearapence

Shirobon Episode 1
Kurobon Episode 1
Akabon Episode 2
Aobon Episode 2
Mirdoribon Episode 1
Kiirobon Episode 16
Pinkubon Episode 16
Aquabon Episode 16
Orangebon TBA
Purplebon (Volietbon in UK) Episode 12
Ms. Katie Episode 2
Evilbon Episode 3
Eggman TBA
Amy Rose (Princess Sally in US) TBA
Sonic (Sonikku in JP) TBA
Greybon (Mr. Greybon in UK) Episode 6
Tails (Miles in JP) TBA
Knuckles (Knuxles in JP) TBA
Mario (Mariro in JP) TBA
Luigi (Luigiop in JP) TBA
Peach (Princess in JP) TBA
Cutebon (Lovelybon in UK) Episode 4
Donald Episode 3
Huey Episode 3
Dewey Episode 3
Louie Episode 3
Burger Chuck McCann Episode 6
Big Time Frank Welker Episode 6
Babyface Terry McGovern Episode 6
Magica Episode 6

List of Bomberman EpisodesEdit

Episode Title Summary/Note/TVProgramming Number Code Date:
1 Shirobon and The Clock Shirobon rings Mirdoribon to take him to the airport because shirobon's clock was broken digtal 24-hour. Meanwhile Shirobon Gets Anooyed by the clock sound of tick-tock and sounds! BM1 July 1st
2 Maths R Us Shirobon Knows all the Questions every day! BM2 July 2nd
3 Shirobon's Remedy When Huey Dewey and Louie... ...they use spaceroab. and Donald had enough these kids. BM3 July 3rd
4 Akabon's Girlfriend Akabon has his girlfriend for his cake! will he? BM4 July 6th
5 Pusedo Shirobon They Made shirobon cloned robot by Eggman. after shirobon gets into trouble with the old woman. BM5 July 17th
6 Send in the Clones Magica then turns Burger, Bigtime and Babyface into exact doubles of Shirobon, Kurobon and Aobon, respectively, but with one catch - mirrors will reflect their true forms. BM16 July 18th
7 Cutebon's Debut Everyone Doesn't Know About Pink color! they think it's loved it? BM6 July 19th
8 Volietbon bothers Cutebon Cutebon gets annoyed by Volietbon. BM7 July 20th
9 Silly Red! akabon makes a misake every 1 week when he was having a clumsy of accidents! BM8 Augest 1st
10 Shirobon Tries To Cook Shirobon talks to the dog and says some joke like--cheese, cheese, ham, ham, bacon, bacon! huh huh! But Cutebon doesn't seem to be happy. will she get her boyfriend for the fancy dinner? BM9 Augest 3rd
11 Dog gets the paper Shirobon talks to the dog to get some newspaper. BM10 Aug 4
12 Volietbon's Menu Magic BM11 Aug 5
13 Knock it off! BM12 Aug 6
14 Stop it! BM13 Aug 21
15 Detectives Of Kirrobon, Pinkubon and Aquabon! BM14 Aug 31
16 Imangiey Friend The Very early school day. Mike blames on everyone and think he thought it was pluto. So Mike using a Green Paint Paper to Aobon's Ball. then Ms. Katie's Apple lands on Shirobon's head. then Pluto turns invisible. shiro, kuro, aka and ao tried to stop but hurt and writing on the chalkboard. BM15 Sep 1
17 Shirobon's Mistake BM19 Sep 3
18 Quartz Trash-World BM18 Sep 6
19 Till' the nephews help Donald Duck BM17 Sep 14
20 Shirobon's New Car Shirobon's old car is a klunker, so in order to get to a date with Cutebon on time, he trades it in on a fancy new one with all the accessories. The new car then sends him on a wild ride when the accessories start to take over. BM20 Sep 17
21 Shrunken Heroes Kurobon is arrested after attempting to foil poachers' plot to sell endangered animals to tourists and Cutebon tries to coax him out of taking the law into his own hands. Kurobon then meets his hero who tried the same stunt and after a microscopic adventure learns that law enforcement should be left to the pros. BM21 Sep 18
22 Topsy-Truvy Town Stranded in Topsy Turvy Town, a place where everything is the opposite of normal, Shriobon and Cutebon accidentally break the town's strange laws and are sentenced to an unusual punishment. BM22 Sep 29
23 "Shirobon P.I" BM23 Sep 30
24 Aobon's Kittens BM24 Oct 5
25 Wacky Bad BM25 Oct 7
26 Snow place to hide BM26 Oct 9