krakoid is a giant mechanical octopus colored blue and black and plays the role as the 4th boss of saturn bomberman 2


1.shoots 3 ink bullets

2. smashes with 2 tentacles

3.the power tentacle slams down shooting 2 lighting projectiles (shockwave if impossible mode)'

4.shoots a few missiles filled with ink if bomberman gets attacked by them the screen darkens

5.the bubble pods summon squid like enemys

6.darkens the screen (only in impossible mode)


phase 1 Edit

the krakoid uses the first 3 attacks and after the power tentacle slams down bomberman must bomb it rinse and repeat

phase 2 Edit

the power tentacle explodes hence causing the krakoid to submerge the arena hence causing him to create a bubble field hence causing attack 1 to be replaced with attack 4 and removing attack 3 entirely from the battle ,bomberman must bomb all 4 bubble pods but this is easier said than done considering that they can summon squid like enemy's and once there are all destroyed bomb the octopuses head do this 3 times


the krakoid's tentacles begin to explode while krakoids head begins spinning hence causing it to pop off

then the 4th shard appears


the boss is ironically a octopus and not a giant squid unlike the kraken