Kieren's Blobby Puzzle is another direct clone of Puyo Puyo/Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine


1-Player Mode: Defeat many opponents in a 21-staged battle

Story: The Fortran Brothers has returned after their death at Kieren's Rail Chase and made the moon green. Kieren must stop their evil plan!


  1. Mu
  2. Flan (FFCC)
  3. Alligator Gar
  4. Velociraptor (JP)
  5. Dilophosaurus (JP)
  6. Sahagin (FFCC: EoT)
  7. Rhee Solters
  8. Darigan Scorchio
  9. Kathleen
  10. Goliath Tigerfish
  11. Galgarroth
  12. Lizardman (FFCC: EoT)
  13. Golem (FFCC: EoT)
  14. Ahriman (FFCC: EoT)
  15. Adamantoise (FFCC: EoT)
  16. Allosaurus (WWD)
  17. Entelodont
  18. Cu Chaspel (FFCC: EoT)
  19. Malleo
  20. Weegee
  21. Fortran

2-Player Mode: Play with our friends in a VS. Match!

Playable characters:

  1. Kieren (FFCC: MLaaD)
  2. Welsh (FFCC: EoT)
  3. Yuri (FFCC: RoF)
  4. Erin (FFCC)
  5. Alhanalem (FFCC: RoF)
  6. White Mage (FF1)
  7. Tyrannosaurus (JP)
  8. Tino Väinämöinen (APH)
  9. Pachycephalosaurus (TLW: JP)