Dinosaur Land Extended Cut is an Expansion Pack for Dinosaur Land. Its only adding a backstory of Chen, who currently researched by the Jurassic Park owner, John Hammond. But, Dinosaur Land Extended Cut adds 2 new characters called Dino, a little green Parasaurolophus from Dino and Aliens and Bubblun, a small green dinosaur from Bubble Bobble.

The story is about Chen/Dino/Bubblun must rescue Yuri Rosenberg from the Enderdragon's claws. This is Yuri's first appearance without Welsh as his sidekick since Super Welsh Great Adventures 5 (separated), 6 (teamed up with Musapey and Sonic as Team Welsh) and 7 (formed Resistance)

List Of Extended Cut's Levels (without Dinosaur Land Original Edition and Director's Cut's levels):

World A: Nublar Rainforest (Nublar rannikkosademetsät)

Boss: 8-Legged Twin Terror, Lovers

World B: Lake Plesio (järvelle Plesio)

Boss: Long Necked Ancient Beast, Ahuizotl

World C: Tyranno Volcano (Tyranno tulivuoren)

Boss: Infernal Lethal Beast, Volleone and Infernal Firebreather, Intruder

World D: Nublar Beach (Nublar uimaranta)

Boss: Slimy Heinous Holothurian, SeaCucum-BR

World E: Town of Saronica (Kaupungista Saronica)

Boss: Gigantic Driller Badnik, Mega-Burrobot

World F: Elmide Mine (Sähköisen rahan liikkeeseenlaskijat Mene)

Boss: Blood Sucker Terror, Enderbat

World G: Mount Elmide (Asenna Sähköisen rahan liikkeeseenlaskijat)

Boss: Black Flying Firebreather, Enderdragon

Ending: Yuri is finally rescued by Chen/Dino/Bubblun. But, Yuri discovers about Dr, Curien's plans and continues to World 1