Dinosaur Land 2 Extended Cut is a game that take place before Dinosaur Land 2. This game focuses on Dino, which he will be the main hero of Dinosaur Land 2.

The story is about when Welsh's computer teacher, Terra Branford transforms into a creature named Elaine Shee by a meteorite dust from planet Eioneus, a planet with volcanoes and caves. Then, the former president of DBR, Clement Darling kidnapps Elaine to his hidden cave base located at the jungles of Northern Beetleland. Dino must locate Clement to his base.

List of Levels and Bosses:

World A: Sorna Plains (Sorna tasankoja)

Boss: Gigantic Stinger, Radscorpion

World B: Sorna Mountain (Sorna vuorelle)

Boss: Giant Anglerfish Belser, Alloy Lantern

  • scene cuts to Dino boarding Madoka's plane to Beetleland*

World C: Beetleland Underground Storage (Kovakuoriaisen maata Maanalainen Säilytys)

Boss: Dark Knight, Sword the Stink

World D: DBR Building (DBR rakentaminen)

Boss: Pandora's Box (the blob inside shapeshifts into random Dinosaur Land's boss from world 6)

World E: Jungle Hijinks (viidakon tyhmä)

Boss: Gigantic Arachnid, Deispider

World G: Clement's Cave (Clement luolassa)

Boss: Heavy Ducker, Bald Crab and Clement's mech

Ending: And then, Clement is arrested by Dino. And Welsh thanks to Dino for rescuing Elaine, and they lived happily ever after (and continues to world 1 of dinosaur's land 2)