The Diddy Kong Racing 2 Mission Mode Map

The Mission Mode is the mode where you have to clear missions and defeat mid-bosses and bosses. The Mission Mode uses a branching alphabetical map similiar to Darius

Note: Zone V' and Zone V are same, just like Zone Z' and Z

Mid-bosses and bosses:

Zone A-3 Mid-boss: King Doo

Zone A-6 Boss: King Fossil

Zone B-3 and C-3 Mid-boss: Jukiddo

Zone B-6 Boss: Fatty Puffer

Zone C-6 Boss: Alloy Lantern

Zone D-3 and F-3 Mid-boss: Mr. Frosty

Zone D-3 and F-3 Boss: Kracko

Zone E-3 Mid-boss: Mr. Tick Tock

Zone E-6 Boss: Mirage Castle

Zone G-3, H-3, I-3 and J-3 Mid-boss: Grand Wheelie

Zone G-6 and I-6 Boss: Hungry Gluttons

Zone H-6 Boss: Goriath

Zone J-6 Boss: Yeti

Zone K-3, M-3 and O-3 Mid-boss: Water Galboros

Zone K-6 and O-6 Boss: My Home Daddy

Zone M-6 Boss: Mugly

Zone L-3 and N-3 Mid-boss: Ax Knight x3 and Trident Knight x2

Zone L-6 and N-6 Boss: Haishen the Giant Sea Cucumber

Zone P-3 and U-3 Mid-boss: Kibble Blade

Zone P-6 and U-6 Boss: Thugly

Zone Q-3 and T-3 Mid-boss: Gigant Edge

Zone Q-6 and T-6 Boss: Grand October (Mustemustekala in Finland)

Zone R-3 and S-3 Mid-boss: Cuttle Fish

Zone R-6 Boss: Mr. Dooter

Zone S-6 Boss: Yuchi the Giant Shark

Zone V-3 and V'-3 Mid-boss: Koumoridako (Mustamustekala in Finland)

Zone V-6 and V'-6 Boss: Uriko the Cat

Zone Z-3 and Z'-3 Mid-boss: Wanitokagegisu (Krokotiilikala in Finland)

Zone Z-6 and Z'-6 Boss: Great Thing Violet

Zone W-3 Mid-boss: Helmeted Coronatus

Zone W-6 Boss: Dual Spine (Mirage Castle and Phantom Castle)

Zone X-3 Mid-boss: Radiator

Zone X-6 Boss: Space Kracko

Zone Y-3 Mid-boss: Halcandran Uina Guipai

Zone Y-6 Boss: Metal General