Copy Bomberman or usually called Copy Bomber is a mechanical copy of bomberman invented by dr destroyer and plays the role as the 5th boss of bomberman saturn 2 and the first robo-bomber

design Edit

Copy Bomberman is a shadow bomberman cyborg with yellow eyes. he looks like jet bomber and lady bomber as he is a cyborg.


1.throwing a normal bomb (3 if impossible mode)

2.throws a few mines

3.trys to run into bomberman

4.gets a random powerup from the bomb o matic

5.uses given powerup

6.jumps on top of powerup o matic causing it to shoot a randomly chosen item

7.vaccums try to suck up bomberman

8.bomb o matic fires a large laser (only on impossible mode)


first phase Edit

very simple

after using his mines you must have him ram into the mines make it three times

second phase Edit

the bomb o matic activates

you must throw a bomb into the suction hence causing it to replace the power up rolette

causing it to fall on copy bomberman


the copy bombermans metallic armor falls off causing it to expose its robotic insides and the robot falls down and explodes along with the bomb o matic

causing the 5th power shard to appear


this guy resembles a shadow bomberman in a way

he also returns in bomberman generations 2

he along with mecha arena is comfrimed to return in saturn bomberman r

his design is a reference to bomberman 3


warning wanted bomberman detected