Bomberman Adventures ZX is a game released for the PC. You also can download it at

The plot of the game is about Beetle World is being attacked by a mechanical Iranotherium named Dr. Mekanos. Only Cheerful White can stop that stupid robotic Miocene pile o' scrap!

The game has 9 levels only and have 9 bosses.

List of worlds and bosses:

World 1: Beetleland

Miniboss: Magnet Bomber

Boss: Fang Banana

World 2: Beetleland Sea Park

Miniboss: Bomber Elite

Boss: Mecha-Megalodon

World 3: Pyramid Pass

Miniboss: Grand Bomber

Boss: Cave Guard Anaconda

World 4:Fragrance Mountain

Miniboss: Dr. Mekanos

Boss: Gorira Jikku

World 5: Beetleglade Swamps (Beta Version: Grand Ocean)

Miniboss: Water Bomber

Boss: Lobsterus Hypocephalus Procambarus

World 6: The Jungle Hijinks

Miniboss: Earth Bomber

Boss: Petunia Mk. II

EU Version Boss: Razorback Pig

World 7: Track and The Beanstalk

Miniboss: Thunder Bomber

Boss: Great Capped Helmasaur

World 8: Mekanos Fortress

Miniboss: Boss Rematch

Boss: Dr Mekanos and Merakbal

World 9: Mad Brain

Boss: Mad Brain

Ending: Mad Brain is destroyed and Beetle World safe again. And Cheerful White go home to Planet Bomber.

But look out for some secret levels. The secret levels difficulty is Normal and Hard.

World A: Planet Dicerorhinus

How To Access: Bomb the stone that blocking the warp portal

Boss: Mecha-Godzilla

World B: Grand Ocean

How To Access: Use the Bouncy Bomb obtained from Lobsterus H.Procambarus to bomb the stone that blocking the pipe

Boss: Tigertail Coronatus EX

World C: Debirando Palace

How To Access: Solve the ancient Aztec riddle found at the entrance of the palace. You can get clues by obtaining the Soiled Note from the Cave Guard Anaconda

Boss: Lanmolas x3

World D: Aqua Blue Cave

How To Access: Use the Flame Thrower obtained from Gorira Jikku to melt the ice hunk that blocking the entrance

Boss: Bull Blob x4

World E: Lake Kapuas

How To Access: Use the Floaty Bomb obtained from Petunia Mk. II or Razorback Pig to bomb the Floaty Stone that blocks the entrance

Boss: Turmoil Fish

World F: Once Upon A Tire

How To Access: Bomb all the blue energy core without bombing the red ones or else you will Dai!. The energy cores are carried by a conveyor belt that goes around the world entrance

Boss: Axis, the Forest Dragon

World G: Fire Factory

How To Access: Bomb the Adamantite Rock that blocking the entrance using Strong Fire obtained from Great Capped Helmasaur

Boss: CoBoy

World H: Dark World

How To Access: Collect all Chaos Emeralds from Worlds A to G

Boss: The true villain, Devil Bomber

True Ending Devil Bomber runs away from Beetle World. And Cheerful White goes home with a souvenir from Beetle World, a photograph of Cheerful White with the citizens of Beetleland and King Lichyi, the ruler of Beetleland