Bomberman Adventures 8 is a game released for the PC. You can download it at

The plot of the story is Clint Eastbacon is back and he is invading some of the Dynastid Galaxy planets. And he also built a base called the Death Boar. Cheerful White is going to save the planets from the dirty hooves of Clint Eastbacon

List Of Worlds

World 1: Beetle World

World 2: Planets Dicerorhinus and AncientOceanus

World 3: Planets Digifish and Aridesert

World 4: Planet Aquanet

World 5: The Death Boar

World 6*: Crystal Space

  • Needs to defeat Lobsterus to reach World 6

List Of Bosses

World 1: Bigaron

World 2: Mech Platyurus

World 3 Beta: Sand Serpent

World 3: Triclyde

World 4: Tigertail Coronatus

World 5 Fake Boss: Wild Pork Hickok

World 5: Clint Eastbacon

World 5 True Boss: Lobsterus Nexoplex Panulirus

World 6: Clint Eastbacon

World ?: Evil Bomber

List Of Animals

World 1: None

World 2: Porosus, Adzebill, Rambi,Tanystropheus, Dunkleosteus And Ahuizotl

World 3: Andlar, Marine Eel, Pommy Dragon And Rattly

World 4: Enguarde, Keen Bayonet, Ancient Barrage And Clawgrip

World 5: Angry Birds (Red, Blue, Yellow And Boomerang)

World 6: King Pacificus (Secret)

The ending is:

Ending 1: Wild Pork Hickok is defeated but Clint Eastbacon escapes

Ending 2: Clint Eastbacon is defeated but King Lichyi sez "You should defeat Giant Enemy Crabs And Lobsters At World 5, Sorry"

Ending 3: Lobsterus defeated, The Death Boar is destroyed, Clint Eastbacon escapes and defeated at World 6 and the planets are free again!