Bomberberry is a game which was created by JoeJoeTheAnimator

Enemy Statshots Edit

Enemy Name Points Speed Intelligence Wallpass Bio
Slimer Sprite
Smiler 100 Very Slow Low Yes The easiest enemy when hes slow and to attack.
Kllara sprite
Klara 200 Slow Medium No The average fast enemy when it's speed-doubled.
Brixell Sprite
Brixell 300 Medium Medium No The quick, hits and hard to avoid when towards!
Gloomer Sprite
Gloomer 400 Slow High Yes When this goes to soft blocks, it walk-thru it. Was only found in older versions.
Gumbatan Sprite
GumbaTan 600 Fast Low No Instead of attack once, you can attack twice!
Bikurin Sprite
Bikurin 650 Fast Medium No The silly enemy which makes a face at you.
Tantori Sprite
Tantori 900 Fast High Yes The fastest and the hardest enemy to avoid!