Aura Bomber Riolu 2 is a sequel to the original Aura Bomber Riolu, the story take place after Super Riolu Ball 2, when Bagular returns with Ninja Spy, Glacial Body and Kyurem to kill Riri the Riolu before he evolves into a super-strong Grass-type starter known as Tsuta the Snivy

Note: All Mid-bosses are bosses from Bomberman TG-16


World 1: Ether Forest

Ruler: Umbrella from Skullgirls

Mid-boss: Arion

Boss: Fang Banana from Bomberman '94

World 2: Swamp Land

Ruler: Croco the Croconaw from Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver

Mid-boss: 2 Arion

Boss: Pui Pui the Mechanical Crocodile from Hong Kong Wetland Park

World 3: Groudon's Pyramid

Ruler: Groudon from Pokemon Ruby and Emerald

Mid-boss: Warp Man

Boss: El-Baal from Bomberman '93

World 4: Ice Lolly Land

Ruler: Walrus King from Lolrus/Ocean Park Hong Kong

Mid-boss: Bubbles

Boss: Ninja Spy from Team Fortress 2

World 5: Underwater Palace

Ruler: Kyogre from Pokemon Sapphire and Emerald

Mid-boss: 2 Bubbles

Boss: King Crab from Bomberman '94 and Cockle Twins from Bomberman '93

World 6: Volcanic Pools

Ruler: Heatran from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum

Mid-boss: 4 Spidfire

Boss: Reshiram from Pokemon Black

World 7: Skypolis

Ruler: Rayquaza from Pokemon Emerald

Mid-boss: 2 Arion

Boss: Filia from Skullgirls

World 8: Johnston Canyon

Ruler: Lucario from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum

Mid-boss: 2 Warp Man

Boss: Ms. Fortune from Skullgirls

World 9: Michina Temple

Ruler: Arceus from Pokemon Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver

Mid-boss: 4 Spidfire

Boss: Digger from Bomberman '93 and Count Komori from Bomberman '94

World 10: Glacier Palace

Ruler: Kyurem from Pokemon Black and White

Mid-boss: 4 Spidfire

Boss: Kyurem from Black and White

World 11: Big Crystal Tower

Ruler: Bagular from Bomberman series

Mid-boss: Bagular from Bomberman series

Boss: Glacial Body from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity

Ending: Glacial Body crack into half, while the wounded Bagular runs away from the tower. Riri finally saved the world once again and evolves into Tsuta the Snivy under a permission from Arceus